Retouching Tutorials

Can't figure out what to do with your retouching workflow? Don't like what you're getting? 
Well.. you got 45 minutes?


Each 45 minutes Tutorial Session comes with the following..

Consulting to figure out what mood you'd like to create; it'll be 90% your style and 10% my suggested input.

Basic toning based on your style of shooting and the type of lighting you primarily shoot in.

Coloring and developing proper white balance and skin toning suitable to your needs.

If you're emulating a certain film-stock, we'll be covering the foundation of what elements of the specific film you love about.

I'm just here to hear your problems out and assist you to develop your own style.

And yes, it comes with a price tag of $50 per preset.

But if you're broke AF, maybe we can chat about it and work something out for ya!

So fill the form below and we'll schedule something ASAP!

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